Everyone says the heart of the home is the kitchen…well, what would the kitchen be like without a sink or faucet? Similarly, what would the bathroom be without the shower, tub, sink and toilet? Okay, you get the picture…plumbing and everything that goes with it is an important fact of life. That’s why Marvin Home Center has the largest plumbing department in Northern Minnesota.

Not only do we carry all the plumbing standards, fixtures and accessories by brands like Moen, American Standard and Lasco, we have experts on hand that have over 25 years of experience to help you with all kinds of plumbing projects.

For building and remodeling projects, we will assist you in selecting everything from toilets and fixtures to whirlpool tubs and steam showers!

For plumbing problems and projects, we have isles and isles of hose, PVC, copper, CPVC water line, galvanized pipe, black iron pipe and brass fittings, sump pumps, water heaters and parts, torches and more. Ask our experts for time-saving advice to get the project done correctly.

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